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Department Profiles


Community Managers

VCM’s managers have completed over 80 hours each of industry classes. Additionally, managers are required to take continuing education classes, no fewer than 9 hours per year, to keep up with the ever-changing industry. By doing so, our managers gain information that allows VCM to stay on the cutting edge of new management trends and stay current with the legal and regulatory components of our industry.

All of VCM’s managers are CAAMs (Certified Arizona Association Manager) or CAAM candidates and are experts in the field of non-profit association management.

Community Administrators

VCM’s Community Administrators work in teams with the Community Managers to maintain the highest level of customer service for the Boards of Directors, Committee Members, Homeowners and Vendors. Their quality of experience, timeliness and computer skills alleviate the administrative burdens often placed upon Property Managers thus allowing Managers to spend the maximum amount of their time in the field supervising staff and vendors, and addressing homeowner concerns.

Your Community Administrator is available to attend board meetings if the directors feel it necessary. There is no additional fee for this service.

Field Operations Manager

All field operations are supervised by VCM’s Sr. VP of Field Operations & Area Manager. With over 25 years of industry experience, their shared roles are the follow up & follow through on all field commitments made by the company & to advise on issues of corporate governance for the non-profit clients of VCM. All Community Managers as well as the Community Administrative staff report to & coordinate with the team directly.


Community Accountants

VCM’s accountants are customer service professionals who possess extensive experience and education in homeowners’ association accounting, collections and lien placements. The accountants work closely with the Legal Staff to resolve collections, liens and lawsuits. The timeliness and accuracy of their financial reporting is second to none in the industry. VCM does not choose to segregate each function of the accounting cycle into different departments (AR, AP, GL, etc) instead giving ownership of the project to the community’s accountant. When executed within the scope of the company’s very tight internal control procedures, we find that the overall reporting is cleaner, more presentable and very easily communicated to both board members and homeowners alike. Any member of the association is permitted to contact their accountant directly which leads to greater cooperation in solving both community and homeowner financial challenges.

Support Operations

Business Operations

VCM’s Business Operations Manager received his accounting and law degrees from the University of Wisconsin. He possesses more than 25 years of legal and high end financial experience as the Chief Operations Officer of one of the nation’s largest privately held 401K administration firms. He assists in the supervision of all association accounting functions, reviews financial reports and advises boards on actions required to maintain the financial well being of the community. He also heads up the technology integration components of the company’s back office operations.

In addition to his extensive industry knowledge, this professional has over 8 years serving his own neighborhoods as a director and officer on both of the HOAs he has resided in; thus giving him a truly unique and rounded perspective of the community association management industry.

Corporate Operations

Corporate Operations are headed by a CAAM with 15 years of corporate accounting experience; 10+ years in the community association industry. A founding partner in the firm, this senior support manager is an integral part of the planning and revision stages for all boards during budget season and the key member of the strategic planning process for all of their corporate clients. In addition to these roles, all new business development, transition supervision, and large scale capital improvement projects including financing options are handled by this manager. He heads the training department for the company and personally teaches the HOA finance class.

VCM’s Corporate Operations Manager served as the Vice President and Treasurer of his 2,000 unit community for more than 4 years, assisting in the transition from developer control through build out and homeowner control. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Association of Community Managers and is a current member and Chair of the Professional Standards Committee where he oversees educational certification and ethics complaints on member companies and all Certified Arizona Association Managers (CAAM). He additionally serves as an AACM certified instructor and a Lorman Seminars instructor teaching continuing education courses to industry professionals from the legal, accounting, real estate, insurance and community association industries.

Office Administration

VCM’s behind the scenes team of support members efficiently handle all other administrative functions from disclosure and title company support, community transitions, IT and website support, event planning, newsletter production, corporate operations and the traditional office support functions.

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