Focusing On Your Community's Future

Vision in the Community

Our Commitment

Vision has made the commitment to not only work in a community, but to become an active participant of that community. We consider community support and volunteerism an integral part of our professional & social responsibilities. We encourage & support the members of our team to participate in organizations that reflect their own as well as VCM's core values. We believe such participation enhances neighborhoods and move us toward creating a true sense of community. Our community support reflects many of the things we value as a company.

Charitable Organizations

We are actively involved in helping advance the goals of a wide spectrum of professional and charitable organizations including:


Central Arizona Shelter Services

Central Arizona Shelter Services' (CASS) mission is to empower men, women, and children with diverse needs to end their homelessness by providing shelter and supportive services.



PACC911 brings together animal welfare organizations throughout Maricopa County in an interactive manner, providing opportunities to work together for the greater benefit of the animals.


Coyotes Charities

Coyotes Charities seeks to enhance the quality of life throughout Arizona communities by supporting non-profit organizations that promote healthcare, education, cultural arts and sports-related programs for children.


Suns Charities

Phoenix Suns Charities uses the unique resources of the Phoenix Suns to benefit organizations that assist the needs of children in Arizona.


East Valley Boys & Girls Club

In every community, kids leave school at the end of the day and a lot of them have no where to go. Not everyone can afford daycare and that's why the Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley is here for you and your children. We are the positive place for kids!


Queen Creek Non-Profit Coalition

The Queen Creek Non-Profit Coalition is a resource organization for the Queen Creek community; existing to bring efficiency, coordination and synergy in the uses of resources by our individual non-profit groups, in order to improve the quality of life of our citizens.


Sharing our VISION

Strengthening your Association

Homeowner associations are the perfect vehicle for transforming neighbors into friends and creating community loyalty, responsibility, and empowerment. These are important traits for a community to cultivate because they will lead to strong, cohesive, and ultimately happier communities.

We suggest introducing people unfamiliar with the board members and explain what they do. Once people have a better understanding of the positions, responsibilities, and projects the board has tackled, they may be more willing to pitch in and run for a position. Or if you are hesitant to take on the responsibilities of a board member, consider pooling individual talents and creating committees. This may make it easier for people to get involved in more meaningful way.

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